Privacy Policy

General Outline

We are committed to complying with all privacy and consumer protection laws, including but not limited to GDPR, CCPA, PECR. Whether it is your privacy, the privacy of your data, or the privacy of your customers and users, honoring that privacy is of absolute importance to us.
In this document, we lay out what data we collect - either via or website or our product, the reasons for collecting that data, and how any and all data collected is handled. We will also reiterate that you and you alone have the absolute and 100% rights to your data, and it would not be used by us for any purpose whatsoever, unless designed to aide and enable your usage of our product and services.
If you are our customer, and have placed our web traffic measurement script on your website, you should also consider going through our consumer data policy for additional details on any data we collect from your website visitors. Any data that we do collect via our traffic measurement script is done on your behalf and is 100% owned by you. We would not be using this data in any way that isn't directly or indirectly related to your usage of our products and services.
When you are using Benne Analytics product and services, individual users are not ever being tracked. Therefore:
  • No personal information is automatically collected from you.
  • No information whatsoever is sold to third-parties
  • No direct or indirect information is monetized
  • No information is shared with advertising companies
  • No information is mined for the purpose of identification of personal and/or behavioral patterns.

For visitors to our websites

  • We do not collect any personal data or sensitive information about you, either directly or indirectly.
  • If you decide to create an account with us, subscribe to our blog, or sign up to receive product updates, your email information is used specifically to enable that aspect only.
  • Any data that you do share with us is used just by us and no third party. We do not share or sell your data. Ever.
  • We do not have advertisers, therefore no data is shared with any advertisers of any kind.
  • Any data we do ask you to provide is solely for the purpose of helping you use our product.

Our usage of third party systems

  • We do not use Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Mixpanel tracking pixel or any such other third party scripts that may access, store and monetize your personal and/or behavioral data.
  • Since we are committed to serving you with the best analytics product that can enable growth for your business, we may however choose to run some competitor's scripts alongside ours in some of our marketing landing pages. To that end:
    • Any such pages that do run such third party scripts will explicitly mention so on the landing page itself.
    • These scripts will never be used, embedded and/or run on the following websites: (1) Our main website (, (2) Our blog (, (3) Our support page (, and (4) Our product documentation page (
    • Since the purpose of using these scripts is to benchmark our performance with respect to competitors, we would be using these scripts as sparingly as possible, and only on pages that are less frequently visited by our users, visitors and/or customers.
    • These scripts will only be used on a limited set of landing pages, and these landing pages will always be hosted on the subdomain ( So, a landing page that has, for example, Google Analytics tracking enabled in addition to our own measurement script would look like, and will always mention on the page that it is running the Google Analytics script.
  • We do use third party authentication systems to help you create and access your Benne Analytics account in a simpler and easier way. The usage of these authentication systems is solely for the purpose of account creation and access. (As of June 20, 2021, we use Twitter Login and Google Login on our system, in addition to the traditional login via email route which is also handled by Google Firebase authentication.)
  • We use Stripe to process your subscription, as such the Stripe SDK is embedded on your product dashboard. It could be embedded on our website on a page that needs payment processing capabilities. This SDK is embedded solely for the purpose of initiating, processing and handling your transactions, checking on the status of your subscription status and any related matter.
  • We use the web infrastructure of Vercel, Google Cloud Engine, DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services.
  • We use the email infrastructure of Mailchimp, Mailgun, Amazon SES and Postmark.
  • Any external service providers we use are carefully selected after having reviewing their data protection, data privacy and data security policies and standards. We would never use, for our services, a service provider unless we have confidence in their capabilities.
  • Any data servers we use, either directly or via our service providers, for storing your web traffic data is based out of EU and is fully compliant with EU's GDPR's guidelines.

Our guiding philosophy

We are proponents of consumer privacy and believe that business growth can be achieved while respecting your customers' privacy. As such, while enabling your growth would always be our cornerstone, it would never be at the expense of privacy - either yours, or your customers, users and/or visitors.


When you create an account with us, you either provide us an email by signing up using email, or we receive your email information from your social login.
We use your email to send you account verification emails, password reset mails, transactional mails, subscription invoices etc.
We are accountable first and foremost to our customers. As such, you would receive occasional product update emails and feedback mails from us.
The product update mails outline what we have been working on, as well as what you should be expecting out of the product in the coming weeks and months.
The feedback mails are to understand whether the product is meeting up to your expectations and to understand how we can improve the product further to enable growth for your business.
In addition to these, you would receive alerts and email reports related to your traffic data, if you have configured so.
You can adjust all your email settings from your dashboard in the settings > emails section.

Support requests and feedback mails

When you write to us, tweet to us, raise a support request etc, we keep a record of that correspondence. This includes your email address and account details.
The purpose of this is as follows:
  • to have a repository of customer feedback that helps us improve the product
  • to keep track of open support tickets and measure time to resolution
  • to have at hand a history of past correspondence you have had with us so as to assist you faster in any follow up communication
Just like with any other data with us, this repository is solely accessible by us, and is never shared with a third party, and /or monetized in any way.

Data Retention

Since the purpose of having and retaining your data is to assist you, we retain these identifying traits only as long as you choose to have an account with us. If you delete your account, all your identifying data is automatically deleted.

Complying with government and other regulatory bodies

We respect and are bounds by the laws of the government and other regulatory bodies. As such, we are obligated to retain and use information and data as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve any disputes, enforce our agreements and protect the legal rights of Benne Analytics as outlined by the law.

Updates to this document

We may need to update this policy, in future, as and when required. Any updates we make would be to comply with relevant regulations, respect any and all global consumer privacy guidelines and laws and reflect any new industry best practices.
If and when we need to make any change to our policy, we would do the following:
  1. 1.
    Post a formal announcement, along with a short note outlining the changes on our blog.
  2. 2.
    Post a message on our social media accounts announcing the change, along with a link to the latest privacy policy, as well as the blog post mentioned in #1.
  3. 3.
    Send an email to our customers.
  4. 4.
    Highlight in as a notification in your account dashboard, if you have the feature enabled in your settings.
No matter how small a change we make to our privacy policy, it will never replace the old document in entirety. The old privacy policy will still be visible to anyone who may want to read it, or compare it with the new privacy policy for changes. The old policy, however, will no longer be in effect in such a scenario, and it would be updated to reflect as much.
In case you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy, your data, or your rights with respect to your information, or if we have not addressed any concern to your complete satisfaction, please contact us and we would address your concerns.